About Assist-X

Assist-X was started in 2020 by Remy Leutenegger and Nicolas Ventura. We are two undergraduates from the University of California who want to make a change in the world by providing helpful technology for difficult but simple self-care tasks. We are targeting to help those who struggle with these tasks on their own and may otherwise need someone else for assistance. We want there to be another option for you and we will be there every step of the way and make sure you know you are cared for!

About the founders


Remy Leutenegger is a fourth year biomedical engineering student who has interned at Confluent Medical Technologies and various medical labs at UC Davis. He enjoys working hands on with electronics and prototyping to enhance the medical field.


Nicolas Ventura is a fourth year mechanical engineering student who has worked at Berkeley Lab and Capital Games (EA). He enjoys coding and mechanical design, and outside of academics is always out running or hiking.